NEW YEAR NEW ME, IT'S 2 0 1 9 !

Assalamualaikum and JAL BOOTAK DEURIMNIDA!

Okay its 2019 and i still can't speak proper korean (what a loss for  someone who have interest in korean culture and entertaiment industries for 12 years now omfg!)
Heyyy that's not the point!

Reason why im telling you guys about this is because this blog of mine 10 years ago was all about me fangirling over some korean oppas and unnies :) (but i deleted all my post, I'm sorry it was supposed to be something to cheer ur day.. you will laugh your ass out because of my stupidity and innocence writings hahah)

Bismillah and Hye my name is NUR JAZYLA RAZLYN, I'm 24 years old this year and I'm gonna start writing again 😁 I am neither a good writer nor an amazing storyteller. I figure I'd share about my daily life or big events or even a major turnover which will change my life in the future, who knows right.

In other words, this blog gonna be my diary, again. (gosh how i miss blogging so much!)
I can just write in a real diary, true. But i dont have much time, and typing is faster and less tiring lol,

Mungkin macam tak nampak apa significance blog ni when i have no reader at all, hahah
It's about me, I am the only reader and i need to know how i feel at that particular moment.
Happy, sad, furious, scared or wanted to die heh 😏.

Maybe my kids can read how i live my life as a young adult, how i get thru all those bullshit which make me stronger than the day before, They might also read about my teen life (I can just reminisce about it and write again hihi)

That's about all, see ya on the next post hihi 😜
(and that's probably just a couple of hours later because im still excited about writing again hahah)


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