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If I were to describe Nur Jazyla Razlyn during school years in one word, it will be TIMID.
IDK, am I? hahah I mind my own business, I only mingle with my friends (which i dont have much lol) and I dont really care what people say about me (pretty sure there is none because I'm kinda invisible to them haha).. I can't talk much when Im in a big group of people, I always felt like nobody gonna listen to me anyway so why bother why bother. I thank god school years dont have presentation and whatnot, I cant handle that shit, thats for sure.

Primary School. 1 Lili, 2 Kenanga, 3 Kenanga, 4 Cempaka, 5 Cempaka, 6 Jasmin..
Nama kelas dekat sekolah I dulu, klasik and sedap sangat sebab nama nama bunga :)

I remember this one incident when I was 7, I was quite a clever kid in class therefore, my teacher placed this indian girl beside me so that I can helped her with her studies. During Math class, this girl punched me in the face because she dont understand what Im talking about, it was math I dont blame her, hhahahah and so I went home, and report dekat mak pak ah kan and my family. Esok nya, my sister who is 4 years older than me, sekolah sama jugak lah and dia datang kelas I. She called out this girl and asked her why did she punched me in the face, and ye lah Budak darjah 5 kan hormatlah hahah she got so scared and minta maaf , my sister slap her face but not too hard lah kalau tak jadi kes pulak. Then she said she will never do that again and surprisingly we get along pretty well after that day. hahaha

There is also this one girl named Haziqah, she was like this female alpha in the class and everyone was scared because... well, she's crazy. Every morning dia akan suruh I beli vitagen untuk dia, damn aku kena buli duh dia tau tak how much of a singa I am right now. hahahah Macam biasa kakak aku adalah taiko yang selalu nak menyelamatkan adik nya. My sister once again came to my class and called her out, gave her a good lecture and once again I found peace in my life haha

Another funny story, when I was 7, my sister was 11 and my brother was 12. We went to school together. In the morning my sister and I will always bought food from the canteen eventho mama hari hari bekalkan makanan (untuk simpan makan dalam kelas haha). Ada satu pagi lepas beli makanan, masa jalan balik ke kelas, ada lebah hinggap dekat my sister's uniform. My brother dengan kenkawan dia selalu lepak dekat tempat perhimpunan. I was so scared of insects okay and i shouted "KAK ADA LEBAH KAT BAJU!" and ran so fast while screaming and so did my sister.. hahahha, kitorg lari satu sekolah dan end up lari jugak  depan abang aku and his friends, ingat lagi his face and his eyes pandang kitorg dengan pandangan "korang buat apa ni si bodoh?"  😂

Macam banyak pulak kenangan tetiba muncul dalam otak, seperti main kejar kejar dengan kenkawan sampai dah bunyi loceng tak sedar.. Cikgu Aida panggil sambil cekak pinggang masuk kelas kena piuh telinga hahah. Oh btw, I dulu tak suka buat homework... Im always the only girl in class yang tak siap homework ye lah budak perempuan kan patutnya rajin... Masa I darjah 4, I tak buat kerja sekolah sorang cikgu ni, Cikgu Abang nama dia (now dia dah meninggal, Alfatihah).. he asked us to do KETUK KETAMPI 40 times in front of the class. So as the lil chubby girl I am, I HAVE MUSCLE SORENESS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE HAHAHAH.  I skipped school for the rest of the week because I couldnt walk. (lame I know)

SECONDARY SCHOOL. 1 Proaktif, 2 Kreatif, 3 Kreatif, 4 Aset, 5 Aset.

Im gonna go thru year by year because my life as a teenagers was also lame and funnehh hahah

1 Proaktif ⇝ During school holidays, I selalu ikut my sister practice Dikir Barat at schools. Masuk je form 1, masa tu my sister pun ada dekat sekolah lagi and she's 17. Dia heret I masuk dikir barat sekolah because group dia yg senior dah habis sekolah jadi mereka mahu pelapis lah lol.
and TADAAA IM IN THE DIKIR BARAT TEAM PERFORMING IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS DURING OUR SCHOOL'S ASSEMBLY god what was i thinking. There is nothing wrong with dikir barat IT WAS ME! ARENT I SUPPOSED TO BE THIS INTROVERT GIRL JUST LIKE I DID IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS????? okay whatever, you rasa hidup I akan berubah jadi this fun and popular girl in school, WELL YOU ARE WRONG. hahahaha after kitorg perform that day, the team has been disbanded forever 😂

Banyak drama lah masa I form 1, penatnya nak cerita.. buat nangis je sebab bodo sangat hahaha tapi ada satu cerita I kena include which is how Me and my bestfriend now are bestfriend. I ada this girl gang yang tak ngam lah, why? something about lesbian, gangster wannabe and a bitch. I takkan cerita detail sebab nanti bukak aib orang ahahah at the end of our school years as a freshman i was left alone with no friends when I'm not even the lesbian, the gangster wannabe or dat bitch hhahahaah
My Bestfriends grabbed a chair, and sit in front of me. She asked wether Im okay or not and do i wanna talk about it, because she is there to listen ( Later, i found out she is just a kepochi hahaah but we clicked, until now 😂💕) and kids, that is how i met Nurfatin Liyana , ur aunty hahah 😜

2 Kreatif ⇝ The best classmate ever! I mean eventho we started to get along really well hujung hujung tahun je, but it was really fun. Masa form 1, my gangster wannabe friend ni benci satu girls gang yang terdiri daripada 4 orang perempuan yg erm havoc? hahah I pun tak tau kenapa dia benci sangat sampai ajak kitorg benci sekali and all. Group I and group tu memang tak ngam lah, bermasam muka dan ada sedikir perbuatan khianat yang tidak kronik. Well, nak dijadikan cerita, two of them are still in the same class with me. Fatin selalu takde dalam kelas, all busy with KRS same goes with one of the gang I used to hate with no particular reasons. So the other person from the gang are all alone just like me. I dont remember how, and again kids, that is how i met ur aunty, Hanis Sarah Sofia lol 😃

 p/s: I have a crush on one of my classmates!
 (which later became my ex-crush only after I reached the age of 18. sayyyyyyyyyy wutttttt)

3 Kreatif Nothing Much, Involved in lotsa argument caused by My bestfriend's ex-boyfriend. hahahah Apa yang I ingat, masa form 3 ni, first time ever i pergi Merentas desa LOL Im a fatass i hate running but I came, why? I FINALLY HAD A GIRLS GANGG! my own set of friends ! A few individuals who are also lame but funny as hell hahahah  pergi merentas desa untuk ambil gambar menggunakan phone cybershots Hanis.. Sedihnya I wish I still have the picture :(

4 Aset ⇝ I am still in the same class as Fatin, but Hanis decided to joined other courses. Fatin masih busy dengan krs so I always clung to hanis and forced her to rehat with me hahah.. I hate studying, and Im not good in any subject until... My parents hire a private tutor for me. Boleh dikatakan, dia adalah orang yang mengubah persepsi aku tentang belajar, but I never thanked her enough! Her name is Ms. Chong. She taught me Math and Science. Im a rare asian breed hahah because my maths suck!
Ms Chong sangat penyabar because even belajar one on one dengan dia I still tertidur! OMG
okay cerita pasal Ms Chong and my studies later I sambung hehheeh..
Seperti biasa form 4 honeymoon year kan, banyak huha huha saja mihihi

5 Aset ⇝ Ive been in the same class with Fatin since we were 12, and we are finally separated from each other 5 years later. Imagine what a socially awkward teenager needs to do to survived a year without someone who can speaks for her, SHE NEEDS TO SPEAK FOR HERSELF! OMG tragic.
I came to school everyday wondering how many words i need to say, and I need to do Homework for the first time ever when im 17 because everyone in the class are so clever hahaha

Mari sambung pasal Ms. Chong, dia berjaya buat aku suka math because i actually got the right answers everytime i tried to solved a question ! Markah I slowly naik dan berbaki beberapa bulan je lagi nak habis sekolah baru I sedar yang belajar tu best! hahaha tips dia adalah jangan berhenti buat latihan! Over and over and over again sampai kau boleh hafal buku tu.

okay Imma stop here, because i need to go home ( Im at my office right now and its raining heavily hehe)

MMuahhh see ya in the next post 💕💋


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