Days in School!



If I were to describe Nur Jazyla Razlyn during school years in one word, it will be TIMID.
IDK, am I? hahah I mind my own business, I only mingle with my friends (which i dont have much lol) and I dont really care what people say about me (pretty sure there is none because I'm kinda invisible to them haha).. I can't talk much when Im in a big group of people, I always felt like nobody gonna listen to me anyway so why bother why bother. I thank god school years dont have presentation and whatnot, I cant handle that shit, thats for sure.

Primary School. 1 Lili, 2 Kenanga, 3 Kenanga, 4 Cempaka, 5 Cempaka, 6 Jasmin..
Nama kelas dekat sekolah I dulu, klasik and sedap sangat sebab nama nama bunga :)

I remember this one incident when I was 7, I was quite a clever kid in class therefore, my teacher placed this indian girl beside me so that I can helped…

NEW YEAR NEW ME, IT'S 2 0 1 9 !

Assalamualaikum and JAL BOOTAK DEURIMNIDA!

Okay its 2019 and i still can't speak proper korean (what a loss for  someone who have interest in korean culture and entertaiment industries for 12 years now omfg!)
Heyyy that's not the point!

Reason why im telling you guys about this is because this blog of mine 10 years ago was all about me fangirling over some korean oppas and unnies :) (but i deleted all my post, I'm sorry it was supposed to be something to cheer ur day.. you will laugh your ass out because of my stupidity and innocence writings hahah)

Bismillah and Hye my name is NUR JAZYLA RAZLYN, I'm 24 years old this year and I'm gonna start writing again 😁 I am neither a good writer nor an amazing storyteller. I figure I'd share about my daily life or big events or even a major turnover which will change my life in the future, who knows right.

In other words, this blog gonna be my diary, again. (gosh how i miss blogging so much!)
I can just write in a real d…
dear guys,

things you should never ever ever ever like ever asked a women is their freakin weight

thats all i got for today. chow
cursed you gadgets

its slowly killing the bonds between my family..
when we were home, there is time when we almost didnt talk with each other all day
everyone is busy with their gadgets.
its worst when we sat on a table together for dinner or wtv :'<

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. the world will have a generation of idiots"- Einstein

did anyone notice i deleted all my post?
it feels like im deleting my memory.. kinda sad but i delete it for good, i was too immature back then i am ashamed by some (really..some?) of my previous post.
so, instead of reading them and decide which one will stay and which one OBVIOUSLY need to be deleted i decided to erase them all. 
its really tired deleting my seven hundreds something post, but yeah feels good to start it all over again hehehe

so hye 2014

im nineteen (even im surprised by that) i cant believe that this year was actually the last year im living as a teenagers tsktsk..
im currently living life as a college girl, the first time ever im living away from home..
if some of you people actually follow-up my blog since..(idk, 2008?) and that will probably be my sibs and bestfriends.. you will know how im afraid of making new friends, strangers, and new environment. 
but i did pretty well, haha got myself a new bestfriends and both my roommates are awesome.. thank god if not i will…