did anyone notice i deleted all my post?
it feels like im deleting my memory.. kinda sad but i delete it for good, i was too immature back then i am ashamed by some (really..some?) of my previous post.
so, instead of reading them and decide which one will stay and which one OBVIOUSLY need to be deleted i decided to erase them all. 
its really tired deleting my seven hundreds something post, but yeah feels good to start it all over again hehehe

so hye 2014

im nineteen (even im surprised by that) i cant believe that this year was actually the last year im living as a teenagers tsktsk..
im currently living life as a college girl, the first time ever im living away from home..
if some of you people actually follow-up my blog since..(idk, 2008?) and that will probably be my sibs and bestfriends.. you will know how im afraid of making new friends, strangers, and new environment. 
but i did pretty well, haha got myself a new bestfriends and both my roommates are awesome.. thank god if not i will cry every single night of my day in lendu (did i mention yet, oh well im studying in uitm, melaka)

im on semester break and cant find any job..
i read a lot, there's nothing else i can do anyway ( I LOVE RAINBOW ROWELL, she's awesome!!
i eat whenever i get bored but i cant even eat anything other then protein (im on diet......hah!) sigh...

this pretty much sums up my life right now. hehe 

gtg bye peeps :)


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